Leslie Rogers (Boston College ’12) is one of our strong alumna who continues to support SWSG by facilitating workshops at Fall & Spring Training in Boston. 
During her time at Boston College, Leslie Rogers not only mentored, but she interned and served on her chapter’s e-board as the community liaison for SWSG as well. Serving in these various roles at SWSG, Leslie gained a diverse skill-set that has helped her thrive at her current position as a paralegal in the Insurance and Financial Services Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.
Some of the skills Leslie developed include grant writing, team collaboration, problem-solving skills, and learning how to think on her feet. Leslie told SWSG that she noticed a significant difference in her ability to engage with the girls at her site after just one year of mentoring. She especially loved connecting with the girls during Peaks and Valleys at the beginning of each session spent together.
When she wasn’t busy serving her community, Leslie majored in English and Spanish, and became passionate about advocating  for the public interest. Leslie hopes to take her LSATs in the next year, and apply for law school shortly thereafter. While Leslie is no longer a student at Boston College, she still remains engaged with SWSG by co-facilitating the SWSG101 workshop at Boston’s training. We’re so thankful for her support!
Leslie is another fantastic example of a strong SWSG alumna who is helping to create positive change within her community. We’re excited to see where Leslie’s journey takes her!

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