Last  Thursday,  the Strong Blogging Corps (SBC) hosted its fourth webinar in the  SBC Webinar Series. Alyssa Best, from the OpEd Project, led an excellent webinar about writing OpEds. Alyssa is a career coach, and writer passionate about building leadership for social change. Her writing has appeared in mainstream and scholarly media, including The Huffington Post. She contributes to a group blog on career issues: LYJ–Love Your Job, Love Your Life. Alyssa is the East Coast Program manager of The OpEd Project, an initiative to expand the range of voices we hear from in the world. The organization has an immediate focus on increasing the volume of women thought leaders in the public sphere to a tipping point. This organization received seed funding from Echoing Green, an organization that invests in and supports outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs to launch new organizations that deliver bold, high-impact solutions.
To learn about how to write and oped and how to make your blog post effective watch these videos from the webinar.
Part 1: Alyssa introduces the OpEd project and shares how there is a lack of women in the media (print and non-print)

Part 2: Alyssa shares tips on how to structure an OpEd.

Part 3: Alyssa shows an OpEd posted on the Huffington Post and opens the webinar up into a discussion.  Audience members identify hooks and other OpEd elements in the article.

4: Alyssa continues to facilitate discussion among the audience by showing them the Malaria Day blog posted on Strong Women, Strong Girls website. Using the information that Alyssa shared at the beginning of the webinar, audience members discuss different elements that can be added to turn this blog into an OpEd.

Part 5: Alyssa finishes the webinar by sharing different programs the OpEd Project offers to women writers. She also answers some questions from the audience.

Strong Women, Strong Girls would like to thank Alyssa Best and the Oped Project for this great webinar!