Celebration is a core value at Strong Women, Strong Girls, and if a person has a list of core values I would say it’s high on my personal list too. I come by the value honestly as it has most certainly been handed down from my parents. I have a memory bank full of celebrations and lucky for me there was no shortage of them. My parents celebrated every milestone with style. Family photo albums are filled with images of them dressed up and ready for a good time. My childhood memories are filled with toasts and laughs.
When my dad was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and we flew to be by his side, he reassured my brother and me that whatever the outcome of the illness he had no regrets. He had lived life fully and was grateful he always took time to celebrate.
So it is fitting that just this week, a year after he died, we celebrated his life with a memorial golf tournament that culminated in a cocktail party and the awarding of the first scholarship in his memory to a student at the university where he had been a Dean. Friends and family came from around the country to celebrate Ed’s life. I am hopeful the young man who received the scholarship exemplifies the values my dad lived his life by, including celebration.
For Strong Women, Strong Girls, April is a month of celebrations. Jump into Spring, held simultaneously in all three SWSG cities, celebrates our girls and communities. Later in the month, each SWSG city will host an award celebration to celebrate our mentors and community leaders. I think it’s wonderful SWSG honors this most important value and role models for our girls and communities the significance of celebration. I like to believe that somewhere my dad is smiling.