If you’ve ever worked in a nonprofit, you know that one of the things the sector struggles with the most is how to effectively utilize public relations and communications to promote social change.  Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend a day long conference called the Be the Media! Event, put on by the Progressive Communicators Network and Third Sector New England. Throughout the day, we got some great tips and tools for improving our communications strategy and creating real social change. We also got the chance to listen to some inspirational, progressive thinkers.  I thought I’d share the top three quotes that inspired me:

  • “Let’s bring facts back.” -Kenneth Bailey, Design Studio for Social Intervention, on the sensationalism of the media industry.
  • “We are trying to build a world that people want to be in.” -Karen Jeffreys, Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, on the number one thing that motivates her.
  • “We seek to acknowledge that we are each the experts in our own lives and community members are the experts in their communities.” -Mallory Hanora, Reflect and Strengthen, on utilizing the knowledge and experience of everyone involved in our efforts to promote social change.

Sometimes, I lose sight of our end goal in the day-to-day shuffle of helping to keep an organization running.  It’s quotes like these that help me get back on track and remember that what Strong Women, Strong Girls and the rest of the nonprofit community is doing is meaningful, inspirational, and crucial to the people we serve.
Do  you have any quotes that inspire you?
(Way cool word collage courtesy of pbs.org )