Rosie Wigglesworth – Harvard College Mentor
Rossie, a college mentor, with Strong Women, Strong Girls in Boston
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am from Ipswich, MA and I am going into my sophomore year at Harvard College where I am majoring in Environmental Science and Public Policy.  In my free time, I like to run, read, see live music, cook, and be outside.  I also love to travel and explore new places!
How did you first find SWSG?
I did a pre orientation hiking trip before starting school and my trip leader, Liz, was the chapter director for SWSG Harvard.  I wanted to do some volunteer work and Liz suggested SWSG.
Rossie is pictured here with other college mentors who are part of Strong Women, Strong Girls at Harvard
What keeps you coming back to SWSG each mentoring season? 
I love the opportunity to get of campus and interact with my girls.  It is so refreshing and energizing to spend a couple hours a week with them.  The repeated, consistent nature of the program allows for real relationships to form, both between the girls and the mentors.  That aspect is the most valuable part of SWSG.  
How has your experience at SWSG shaped or changed your college experience at Harvard University?
 SWSG has been incredibly transformative.  Not only was I given the opportunity to meet some amazing women from Harvard, but I was also able to interact with the incredible greater Boston community.  SWSG put things in perspective for me and reminded me of the larger world existing beyond college  It helped remind me that is the relationships that one forms with others that make an experience meaningful and worthwhile–and that fact is something that has made my college experience much happier and fulfilling.   
 Rossie, a college mentor of Strong Women, Strong Girls, in Boston with Harvard College friendWhat is something that you have learned from the girls that you mentor?
From the girls I learned the importance of commitment and showing up.  The girls counted on all of us taking time and being together every week and seeing how the girls would act when one of the mentors or girls wasn’t present helped me recognize the importance of being present when you promise to be.  
Do you think your experience at SWSG has influenced what you are thinking about doing after college or your major at college?
 SWSG hasn’t really influenced what I want to do with the rest of my life but rather how I want to accomplish my goals.  The importance of relationships and giving back to my community that I have experienced in SWSG will absolutely color the way that I live my life.