Continuing the Strong Women, Strong Girls tradition of  eye-opening college field trips, this fall, SWSG Boston’s mentors have been taking girls on eye-opening field trips to their respective college campuses, including Boston College, Simmons College, Harvard University, and Northeastern University.
Every year, each SWSG site’s mentors take girls on a field trip to their campus, where they are exposed to college life and the world of higher education. This year, SWSG girls participated in a wide range of fun on-campus activities. From becoming detectives and solving the mystery of Amelia Earhart at Simmons, to yoga, Karate, painting and kaleidoscope-making at Northeastern, SWSG girls had fun and were inspired to dream of college in their futures. Were you exposed to college at a young age? If you went to or go to college, what was your path to higher education like?