In South Florida Strong Women, Strong Girls has the new distinction of being the only location that conducts summer programming. Some of the girls have decided to do the play, The Wolf Version of the Three Little Pigs for their service project. This play will be empowering for the girls since they all have roles in the play. The play tells the story of the “Big Bad Wolf” and what “truly” happened to the three little pigs. It promises to be funny but also teach the girls how to take into account all perspectives of a story, stereotypes and how they can lead to miscommunication. In the beginning there was some difficult in making the girls realize that roles such as Defense Attorney, Judge, Prosecutor can not only be played but be a woman. For instance, in one session, we were going over the concept of stage direction. The term stage director was mentioned. One of the girls felt only a male can be a stage director. With the help of the other girls in the class we discussed that thinking a stage director being male is a gender stereotype. The girls in the class were able to tie in what they learn before to help another girl see that a stage director can be male or female. From establishing early that females can be in the role of stage director carried over to all aspects of the play. The girls correct their peers when they use male pronouns for the role of the Wolf, Prosecutor, and Defense Attorney. For that reason I am very happy for doing this play with the girls. They are not only having fun but also learning their future roles in life are limitless. To me that being a Strong Women, Strong Girls is all about.