In the spring, the girls in SWSG participate in a service project curriculum that allows them to give back to their community in a variety of ways. The Lenora B. Smith Elementary School in Miami, Florida chose to do the “Painting a Mural” service project. This project introduces the girls to ways they can use art to communicate a message and make their community a better place.  They have the opportunity to give back to the community by designing and painting a mural. Each week, the girls read about a different female artist.  They spend the first few weeks preparing to paint their mural.  This includes learning more about murals and symbols as well as practicing painting.  The rest of project focuses on actually painting the mural.  At the end of the project, they present the mural to their site.
Denisha is in fourth grade at Lenora B. Smith Elementary School.  She has been participating in Strong Women, Strong Girls for the past two years.  She said that her favorite part was “when [they painted] murals.” Denisha’s mother adds, “She stated that the murals taught her that messages are put in them to convey stories,” and “the program has been wonderful for Denisha. It gives her something to look forward to at home and it gives her something to share with us when she gets home.”