In accordance with my hopes to become a professional feminist somehow, some way, I have been working on an internship with the Women’s Therapy Centre Institute (WTCI) and activist, author and summit coordinator, Courtney E. Martin. The WTCI felt oppressed by such a “toxic culture that teaches women and girls to hate their bodies.” Two years ago, they hoped to address this international issue by organizing an international summit against distortion of body image.
As the Outreach Manager of this multi-faceted project, I have been working hard to establish our THINK TANK (“several leading organizations and individuals already on the front lines of this public mental health epidemic,” such as government officials, models and dancers, and educational institutions), as well as spread the word about our campaign and opportunities for involvement.
Today, it is a mere month away from the Endangered Species summit that will go down at the New School in New York City on March 18th and 19th. Four other summits will be happening simultaneously through out the world:  in London, Buenos Aries, Melbourne, and Sao Paulo. Here in the United States, panelists such as Emme, Susie Orbach, Jean Kilborne (and more!) will be discussing prevalent issues in our society, encouraging all to take action against such a debilitating epidemic.

I am happy to announce that registration is now open to the public. Be a part of this international summit and campaign against the everyday distortions of body image in our society!