If the leaves on the trees in Boston are changing, it means that Strong Women, Strong Girls field trips are happening!  This month, girls from all over Boston were able to go with the mentors on field trips to exciting destinations throughout the city.
Field trips provide a unique opportunity to build on the ‘Countdown to Success Skills’ learned in program.  By exposing the 3rd-5th graders to college campuses through interactive workshops, girls build college aspirations.  Field trips are also amazing leadership opportunities for mentors, as they are planned and implemented almost completely by our undergraduate women.  Great job, ladies!

Boston College mentors planned an exciting “Fall Festival” for girls on October 16 on the Boston College campus.  The day highlighted the season and the girls’ Unique Talents and Abilities. Girls showcased their athletic skills with the BC Varsity women’s soccer team; their artistic prowess with the decorating of pumpkins; their vocal range with the all-female A Capella group – The Sharps, and their cooking capabilities with the BC baking club!  What a way to enjoy the fall!

On October 22, Harvard mentors and girls slept over at the Museum of Science. Girls got to explore the museum after hours and either slept underneath a model of a dinosaur or in an exhibit about the powers of perception called Take a Closer Look. The girls also saw the Lightning Show in the Theater of Electricity, saw a presentation by a local science teacher called Mind Games, and watched an Omni Movie about dolphins! Girls and mentors had hours to explore exhibits such as Mathematica and New England Habitats.
‘Strong Women, Strong Girls Gets Active!’ was the name of the game as Simmons mentors led their girls through a day of workshops on campus on November 6, teaching them about healthy lifestyles.  While on the Simmons campus, girls were exposed to exercise activities, stress management techniques and healthy eating habits.
Strong Women, Strong Girls’ field trips work to deepen the cycles of mutual empowerment already in place between girls and mentors. Mentors have a chance to show girls where they live and learn, and girls understand more about their mentors’ daily lives. By exposing girls  to college campuses in their own city, attending college becomes a more concrete possibility in their minds. Plus, everyone gets to spend a whole day participating in exciting and engaging activities!