Inspiration. It’s not just a word. It’s a feeling, and it is probably the most powerful feeling that is possible. I think that we can find inspiration anywhere. While walking to work, reading a newspaper, or seeing an image in the media. Inspiration is everywhere.
What happens when you have 3 days filled of inspiration – when 3,000 women from 30 countries around the world join together to discuss the most important topics in our world? You get the Women in the World Summit (WiW12), sponsored by Newsweek & The Daily Beast.
Strong Women, Strong Girls is close to my heart. When I was in college, I had the privilege of leading a chapter at my school, and it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Now, I am once again involved in SWSG, and am working to develop an alumni presence in New York City. It has again turned into a challenging and rewarding experience.
Thanks to SWSG, I was able to attend the WiW12 Summit, hosted by the Women in the World Foundation. The Foundation is focused on advancing women and girls through stories and solutions. At the Summit, they brought together leaders from around the world (mostly women, but some men as well) to talk about some of the hottest topics, many of which are kept under wraps. From Tina Brown, to Lauren Bush Lauren, to Meryl Streep, to a young girl who spoke about the prostitution she was forced in to in Mexico, to Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton, the speakers were powerful, inspirational, and all dedicated to advancing women.
In the coming months, I will continue to write about the speakers I heard throughout the three days of the summit, not just because of the summit, but because their stories were so powerful that I am now following them to see what they are doing and where they are (you can find these on my company blog at I often find myself thinking, what is The Honorable Jean Harman working on today? Or, what will be the next documentary that Gael Garcia Bernal does, and how will he work with Sylvia Gereda? When will Socket Rockets be promoted across the US? What is the next photograph that Linsey Addario will share with the world?
For now, check out Get on the Map! for Women and Girls. This powerful tool showcases projects that women and girls are doing around the world. I have no doubt that this, like SWSG, is a game changer.