SWSG is excited to share with your the second week of our Get Active video series created in collaboration with Katina Taylor and the Jason Taylor Foundation.

Week 2: Good Communication

Physical Activity

Katina and friends kick off Week 2 by teaching some basic exercises, which include squats, mountain climbers and burpees.  These exercises work the legs, arms, and core muscles and get your heart rate up!  The key here is not how many repetitions you can do but that you do each exercise with correct form.
Remember, it is important to use good communication skills when exercising.  Listening, observing body movements and following directions will all help you exercise correctly, build strong muscles and have more fun!  Speak up if your body hurts and slow down or STOP the exercise completely if you feel pain at any time.
Katina’s Tip for the Week: Get creative and do these three exercises as you dance to music to make them more fun!  Be sure to share on the SWSG blog the dance sequences you create!

Healthy Hint

Question: Food labels communicate important information about food.  Do you know how to use the labels to make smart eating decisions?
Answer: 1. Size up the serving and calories. 2. See what’s in it for you. Check for fiber, calcium and vitamins.  3. Judge if it’s right for you.  Does the amount and nutritional value make sense?