Let me begin by saying that:
#1  I truly wish that France was within driving distance, and
#2  I would be ELATED if the SWSG mobile of my imagination had driven me there!  [I’m picturing a hot pink and black 25 foot Volkswagen Bug]
Before I confuse anyone else, I will backtrack to explain that I spent the last year teaching English in France at two elementary schools.  I largely attribute my decision to choose this “unconventional” path (and my subsequent personal victories over yonder) to my time spent as a SWSG mentor and Chapter Director.

Could these be the first FRENCH SWSG participants?! Pictured is "Team Hello Kitty" as they work on spelling “Lyon” (the field trip destination) using rocks, twigs and leaves.

My SWSG experience provided me with an irreplaceable set of life skills, instilled a solid sense of confidence, and shined up my slightly rusty can-do attitude.  In other words, SWSG provided me with all of the figurative means necessary to dream big, realize a goal, and get me to France!
As a college student, I never recognized the amount of knowledge I was acquiring through SWSG, nor did I ever imagine that it would be applicable again!
Everything from introducing classroom-management tools, working with large groups, honing presentation skills, improving my overall adaptability, communicating clearly and setting achievable goals were ALL brought on by learning opportunities in SWSG.  In other words, SWSG provided me with all of the tools necessary to not only dream big, realize a goal, and get me to France, but to be successful once I got there!

I guess cursive is a challenge for kids in EVERY language! Pictured is one child's poster called “The Crocodile, A Mysterious Reptile”

Besides the true reward of selflessly giving back to the community, by teaching the young girls about goal setting, perseverance, lifelong learning and opening one’s mind to one’s own limitless possibilities, college mentors may be surprised by how much they are absorbing from the experience.  They also might be surprised by how they practice and apply these skills themselves long after their time with SWSG is over.
Living in France was one of my life goals, and I can genuinely say that my entire experience there would have been different had I not had the pleasure of participating in SWSG in college.
Mentors, volunteers, and fellow alumnae:  Does the personal benefit of participating in SWSG exceed your expectations?  Are the skills you acquired or experiences you had applicable in other instances beyond your involvement in SWSG or in a classroom?