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How the SWSG cheer was born!

Posted by Megan Barragry Oct 10, 2010

When I was in elementary school, I was the little girl who knew the answers to enough of my teacher’s questions that she ignored me so that other students could have a chance to talk. As I neared middle school though, I became self-conscious about raising my hand and speaking in class. I started to worry that it wasn’t cool to participate and to speak up.

My family, however, assured me that it was very cool to be a strong voice in the classroom and that I should be proud of who I was. I was fortunate to have awesome role models – my mom, dad, grandparents, and aunts – to help me through this period of increasing self-consciousness that was not, by any means, an experience unique to me. And in college, I was lucky enough to be part of a group that seeks to help other girls be proud of that strong voice within.

In 2005, I served as Assistant Director of the Harvard Chapter of Strong Women, Strong Girls and I looked forward to our big spring event when we would bring all 100+ girls and 30 mentors together on campus. Our chapter’s executive board discussed a closing activity that would enable all of the girls to see that they are a part of the larger SWSG community. Drawing inspiration from both the Spartan Cheerleaders and SWSG’s mission, I wrote a quick (and quite simple) cheer a week before the event, taught it to our mentors at our weekly meeting, and asked them to teach it to their girls at mentoring that week.

One week later, ten minutes before the end of Career Day, we gathered together for the first cheer as a chapter. I had no idea that the cheer would be passed along over the years, but I hope that our girls repeat it to themselves as they sit in classrooms today and make a difference in their communities throughout their lives – never afraid to be strong and proud of it.

I am strong! I am proud!

I’m not afraid to shout it loud!

Strong Women Strong Girls!

Strong Women Strong Girls!

Strong Women Strong Girls!

Strong Women Strong Girls!

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