Jump into Spring is almost here!
Get ready for the SWSG cheer!
Been practicing my jumping for two weeks straight
We start at ten, so don’t be late!
Girls in pink, staff in gray
April 9th is the day!
Jumpin’ to the sky from your head to your toe
Simmons College is the place to go!
80 people volunteering!
Our MC is Ashley Gearing!
Colleges, 40 Sites
JiS Countdown: 20 nights!
Get ready for our star performance group
The amazing and Boston-based Hoop Troop!
Join us at King’s Bar the day before!
To celebrate SWSG and learn more!
Mentors and sponsors, a big thank you!
Without your support, what would we do?
Just can’t wait to dance and sing.
Come join us at Jump into Spring!