Ladies, have you enjoyed the time that you have spent mentoring young girls? Would you like to continue? Your time spent making a difference in a girl’s life does not have to end when you graduate. Join the Big Sister team! We offer one-to-one and group mentoring programs that give you the opportunity to mentor girls near where you work or where you live. The program that fits you will depend on your time, your location, and the type of relationship that you want to build. (Programs outlined below).
As Strong Women, you know that every girl has potential.  At Big Sister, we help girls realize that potential by matching them with a mentor who will give them the attention, care, and support necessary to make healthy choices in their lives. Big Sister’s mission and beliefs about the power of mentorship and strong female role models mirrors that of Strong Women Strong Girls. Our vision is to create a mentor-rich community in which every girl has access to the individual nurturing, guidance and support she needs to become a confident, competent and caring adult. Through the partnership between Strong Women Strong Girls and Big Sister Association, we can continue to bring the girls in our community happy long lasting relationships with positive female role models.
Research has shown that girls with access to mentors are less likely to get into physical altercations, skip school, experiment with drugs or alcohol, or feel depressed. To use a quote from Little Sister Alyssa, “The Big Sister program is a beautiful thing, and every girl should experience what it’s like to have someone be there for you… by bringing Big Sisters and Little Sisters together, and building relationships based on love, the Big Sister Association can truly change the world.”
Continue to make a difference in a young girl’s life . . . become a Big Sister today. Contact Sheena Collier, Manager of Recruitment & Community Partnerships, at
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Big Sister Programs:
Community-Based Mentoring we create the optimal match between you and your Little Sister based on your interests, personal experiences, and location. You and your Little Sister will decide when to meet and what activities you will enjoy together. (Sometimes we will be able to provide tickets to sporting events, museums, the ballet, and more!) Meetings through the Community-Based Mentoring program are weekly and last three to four hours for the first three months. You will meet at least twice per month thereafter, for a minimum of one year.
School-Based Mentoring you will be matched with a Little Sister at a local elementary school or after-school program. You and your Little Sister can spend time doing arts and crafts, reading, shooting hoops, or simply sharing stories over lunch. You will meet with her at her site for about one hour each week for one academic school year.
Team Enhanced Approach to Mentoring (TEAM) is a unique program that matches three to five Big Sisters with a group of Little Sisters who are in middle school. Each group meets weekly for 90-minute sessions for one academic year. Groups are facilitated by a Big Sister staff member. You and your group will participate in discussions and activities that address important “real world” topics such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, decision-making, etc.
Blog written by:  Isabel Leong- Recruitment & Community Partnerships Assistant