Across SWSG locations in Boston and Pittsburgh, SWSG has continued to serve hundreds of elementary school girls and college women mentors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about how our girls are disproportionately impacted by the effects of the pandemic.

  • Beginning in April 2020, SWSG offered asynchronous online programming to girls with fun, at-home activities and inspirational stories of strong female role models.
  • Throughout the summer, our team entirely redesigned our 20-week mentoring curriculum for a virtual world. Every aspect of our sessions was adapted to maximize fun, learning, and relationship-building via online sessions, including:
    • Sharing Roses & Thorns
    • Opportunities to Get Active!
    • Role Model Biographies
    • Skills-building Activities
    • Journals
  • We trained our mentors to support and connect with our girls over Zoom, teaching best practices for youth development and group activities.
  • During the fall semester, SWSG held full programming online with girls and mentors “meeting” weekly for mentoring.

“As our program has launched this semester, we’ve been communicating daily with our college mentors and our Site Facilitators at our partner sites, and we’ve gotten so much positive feedback! Our mentors are so inspired to reach our girls during this difficult time – we’ve actually increased the number of mentors we have over last year. We’ve heard from the mentors that during the first few sessions, girls are excited to get to see their mentors on screen and still enjoy SWSG from home! I’m really uplifted to see how participants at all levels have reengaged with us this fall and hopeful that we can continue offering meaningful experiences from afar.”

-Kelsey Waros, Program Manager

This Giving Season, your donation allows us to continue strong mentorship programming next year. Specifically, gifts fund:

  • Access to technology and tools to make online mentoring possible.
  • Curriculum development and optimization.
  • Supply kits delivered to each girl to fully engage with SWSG activities.
  • Virtual “field trips.”
  • Supplemental training and support for college women mentors.

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