Strong Girls will know they can do anything.
Strong Women will show them how.

Strong Women, Strong Girls is an award winning curriculum-based mentoring organization that works to counter the social pressures that discourage girls in under-resourced communities by combining multi generational group mentoring to build a community of strength around every girl.

Creating Cycles of Mutual Empowerment


The Girls

We serve girls in under-served communities, from 3rd through 5th grade, engaging them in small, structured, curriculum-based group mentoring each week, to:

  • Introduce them to colleges and careers
  • Help increase self confidence
  • Build strong leadership skills
  • Build a safe, strong female community around each of them

The College Mentors

Committed college women, trained as mentors, utilize a research-based curriculum that incorporates the study of contemporary and historic female role models, skill-building activities, and strong relationships with mentors and peers to work with the girls, to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build strong community of peers and leaders

The Professionals

Professional women in turn mentor the college women, working as site monitors, event volunteers and as professional mentors, guiding them toward the career paths and futures they’re working toward, to:

  • Opportunity to mentor the future generation of change makers
  • Lead by example
  • Connections to a broader female community

$200 introduces a girl to college for the first time.