Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh Executive Director Sabrina Saunders was featured this month on the podcast Hustle and Heart TV. The show, hosted by Darieth Chisolm, interviews successful entrepreneurs and provides the audience with motivational stories to encourage others on their own career path. Sabrina sat down with Darieth to talk about her journey that led her to Strong Women, Strong Girls and the lessons she learned along the way.
Darieth asked Sabrina why the SWSG mission is so important. Sabrina responded, “Our mission is important because we [as a society] forget about our girls. It seems really simplistic but we have to remember to encourage and empower our young women. Girls can lead and girls can make a difference and girls, ultimately as the mission of Strong Women Strong Girls would tell it, are going to change the world.”
When Sabrina was a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a Supreme Court Justice. In college, her dream changed and she aspired to become a speechwriter for the President of the United States. “I really wanted that to be my reality. As I came into my own and became stronger, I recognized that the reason I wanted to write for others was because I wasn’t sure that people wanted to hear my voice. I wasn’t sure that they would listen to me. So I wanted to write for powerful people who I knew individuals would want to listen to that they would just be hearing my voice under theirs.” After working under a boss and mentor in congress, Sabrina learned that her own voice had value. This realization is one that Sabrina hopes to instill in both our college women and young girls.
As a successful leader in a nonprofit organization, Sabrina offered some advice for young women who aspire to go down the same path. “Be prepared to work hard and recognize that it is worth it in the end, there is no sacrifice, its all opportunity. Even the things that seem hard and harsh are all opportunity’s for something better.” Sabrina encourages young woman to not only set goals for themselves but to follow up and follow through. Making connections by networking and going to events is crucial. “Make sure that you are not the only person who knows what you are capable of.”
At the end of every Hustle and Heart TV interview, Darieth asks for a hustle tip, something to share with people about the value of working hard and a heart tip, about loving your journey. “My hustle tip would be to make it real, and act immediately. As soon as you see it, move forward and act on it. My heart tip would be that make sure whatever you do stirs your soul.”
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-Written by Kelly Loose