Recently, I had the opportunity and courage to speak about myself and what I believe in. I went to a team interview and competed against more than 40 applicants for only one position. This position was for an internship in Miami-Dade College Model United Nations 2013. And I got the internship!
To prepare, I had to step up and share my own beliefs, values, and expectations for the world. Immediately, I thought about Strong Women Strong Girls. I am the SWSG Mentoring Operations Intern in South Florida; this marvelous non-profit organization gave me the determination and empowerment to stand up and speak aloud in front of a panel of judges. Because of Strong Women, Strong Girls, I could feel confident about being an audacious and outstanding woman.
At the interview, I expressed my passion about the determination and courage that one has to face in order to take action. I shared my plans to participate in the progress of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and I explained that I have already taken the initiative to intern in organizations that address global issues. For example, the third goal is “to promote gender equality and empower women.” I am glad that I could connect my role as an intern with Strong Women, Strong Girls with the role for which I was competing so that I could continue to work for that same purpose.
I used to think that the only way to persevere through challenges and achieve goals was through luck. I also thought that I would not be able to foster improvements for the world locally as a college student. Global issues such as world economic growth, steps to reduce inflation, and human trafficking seemed too far-reaching to me. I was mistaken. Through this experience, I learned that there is a way students can make a difference. That way is discipline and preparedness for every single mission that one takes on in life. I believe discipline leads people to be successful because when one is focused and positive, one’s actions become stronger. All experience I work for takes me closer to the person that I want to be. The experience of working for and obtaining the Model UN internship proved to me that being prepared, committed, and believing in yourself and what you do is worth more than anything.

Angely is a Mentoring Operations Intern in our South Florida office. She is currently a sophomore at the Miami Dade College. She plans to attend Law School and pursue a Masters in Gender and Women’s Studies. For more about Angely, visit our staff page.