Rachel Grastyan became involved with Strong Women, Strong Girls through Natixis Global Asset Management, where she is the Administrative Assistant to the EVP & SVP of National Sales. SWSG is one of Natixis’ eight partner charities in Boston. Rachel also participates in the Natixis sponsorship of the John Winthrop School, where SWSG offers programming. Shortly after joining SWSG, Rachel volunteered to be a Leadership Coach, and just recently also became a member of the Boston Advisory Council. She continues to spread the SWSG mission to whomever she meets in the hope that they, too, will become as passionate about the cause as she has.
Rachel says, “Being a Leadership Coach is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference in a young woman’s life. The program has really opened my eyes and ears to the many ways of communicating. Like many, I went into the program talking more often than listening. After the Coaching 101 training with Miriam Katz and her explanation of the 5C’s of Coaching with SWSG, I feel confident that I am truly making a difference with my Coachee. I love that this program works with so many different generations of woman, from young girls to college woman, and now professional women. Thank you, SWSG, for creating such an amazing program. I look forward to the day when this platform is offered across the country. The more women we can get involved, the more success in our nation’s future.”