At this year’s Pittsburgh Strong Awards on April 30th, Dr. Linda Clautti received the second annual Spark Award. But we’re not the only ones who think Dr. Clautti deserves some recognition!
Dr. Clautti is profiled in the article “Fearless Women: Linda Clautti, Urban Pathways Charter School” which details her commitment to “getting students in the college mode” and “creating a culture of stability” at the Urban Pathways Charter School where she is the CEO. As the creator of the WISE (Women in Sync Everywhere) mentoring program, which matches female students with  professional women in the community for one on one mentoring throughout the student’s high school and early college career, she demonstrated the SPARKS that SWSG is proud to honor.
So be sure to read this great article from and see why Dr. Linda Clautti is a Strong Woman with SPARKS!