College mentors at Fall Conference participating in a Playworks workshop

Girls were having so much fun during the group games!

Playworks’ facilitated a modified version of their core Power of Play workshop at our Fall Conference! 
It infused SWSG college mentors and Junior Mentors with hands-on skills to lead movement and play activities with SWSG girls and one another during programming sessions.
Their goal is to promote safe, healthy play, and their presence at Fall Conference allowed SWSG mentors to bring that impact to SWSG girls. Playworks’ games and skills are very useful for mentors to incorporate into mentoring sessions, field trips, and even their own mentor meetings!
Mentors and girls at Strong Women, Strong Girls Fall Conference with Playworks

Playworks’ staff leading a game with mentors!

During mentoring in our program, part of the curriculum every week is a “Get Actives” piece. It’s a movement break that mentors use to help girls focus and/or energize them. Playworks’ games provided a lot of inspiration for “Get Active” activities.
Leading “Get Active” is often a way that JuniorMentors contribute to SWSG groups. Now that they have been armed with an expanded skill set, learned from Playworks, we feel even more confdent that their mentoring will be a valuable and fun experience to bring back to the classroom and beyond!
College mentors at Fall Conference

College mentors describing their leadership styles!

We’ve already received positive feedback from college mentors about the workshop they’ve engaged in at Fall Conference and some even want to take what they learned and teach it to other mentors who weren’t able to be in the workshop!
We want to extend our gratitude to the network of professionals and other nonprofits in the area for embracing one another’s missions to perform incredible results within the Boston community.
For more information about Playworks, visit their website to “get inspired and get moving!”