Saturday January 30th was Boston’s 2016 Spring Training! Each Semester, Strong Women, Strong Girls holds a Training where members of our community come together, go through workshops, and listen to speakers to gain skills and knowledge that will help us grow and develop. Workshops vary from teaching best practices in the classroom to gaining leadership skills, to becoming more socially aware of our communities. This Spring, we held workshops at UP Academy Dorchester for our College Mentors, Strong Leaders, and Junior Mentors, and guest speakers from My Life, My ChoicePartners for Youth with Disabilities, and Harvard spoke about the broader context of our work in Boston. All in all, it was a fun-filled day of learning for everyone involved!

Some of the girls in JUMP (Junior Mentoring Program) work with College Mentors to figure out some Best Practices during Mentoring Sessions

Some of our Junior Mentors work with College Mentors to figure out some Best Practices during Mentoring Sessions


Some new College Mentors learn about what Mentoring with Strong Women, Strong Girls is all about!


Danielle Lucido, a Leadership and Organizational Development Advisor for Linkage Inc, works with Chapter Directors to build leadership skills and add to their toolbelts


Bernie Lim is a senior at Harvard and is the Founder and Director of Women SPEAK. She spoke to our community on the context and environment Boston girls are growing up in now.


Some of our Strong Leaders learn about the Herstory of our program and brainstorm for moving forward.


Our Site Leaders learned what to expect and how to implement the newly designed Sisterhood in Service Curriculum for Spring 2016.


Celebrating after a successful day at the Spring Training, some staff and interns from our Boston Office pose for the paparazzi, “Showing their Strong”!


Our Leadership Council poses for a picture, and include Steve Osemwenkhae, who’s usually behind the camera!


Alyssa Wright, the Co-Director of Raising Change, helps Strong Leaders, members of our Leadership Council and Regional Board, develop fundraising skills.


Latiana Appleberry, a Mentor Coordinator and Group Facilitator at My Life My Choice, speaks to our Mentors about the importance of being open with our Girl Participants.

Siiri Morley, our Executive Director in Boston, closes out the Spring Training with some thank-yous, some shout-outs, and some words of wisdom.