“I’ve broken the barrier, but it’s been a very long struggle. It’s made me tougher and more precise — and maybe this is reflected in my architecture. I still experience resistance but I think this keeps you on the go.” (via)
Zaha Hadid, born in Iraq, is a strong female architect. Hadid earned a degree in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut and moved to London to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Her strength and perseverance have helped her succeed in her profession.
I thought we’d take a look at five proud accomplishments that Hadid has achieved in her illustrious career:
1. Hadid was the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize in 2004, the most prestigious award in architecture. These awards began in 1979 and only one other woman, Kazuyo Sejima, has won since.
2. She designed the London Aquatics Centre for the Olympic Games in 2012.
3. Hadid has taught in many prestigious universities around the world, including Harvard Graduate School of Design, University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Architecture, Ohio State University, and Colombia University.
4. In 1980, she established her own practice in London. She leads a team of architects which includes 2 other women, and this team collaborates to create innovative and experimental architecture.
5. Painting and drawing is a large part of Hadid’s architecture, at least in her earlier work. The way she incorporates the arts has allowed her architecture to be even more widespread. Collections of her works are displayed in “important museum collections” and have been in exhibitions worldwide.
You can see Hadid’s past and current works here and here. Her featured project is Hotel Puerta America in Spain, and can be viewed here.

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