We all know holidays should be about spending time with family and friends, reflecting on the year past, and looking to the New Year. We gather to feel thankful for the things we have and the gifts life has given us. The end of the year is a time for reflection for everyone. This is a short reflection from the Pittsburgh Strong Women, Strong Girls Office:
Last year, Strong Women, Strong Girls served 325 girls in Pittsburgh. Now, we are serving 400 girls. Next year, we hope to continue growing to engage 500 girls. SWSG has given these hundreds of girls the opportunity to be inspired from the stories of other strong women – from Bessie Coleman to Sonia Sotomayor – to share their emotions, to learn new skills, to discover their abilities and strengths, to become strong leaders, to have fun, to Get Active!, and to build strong relationships with their mentors. All these are the gifts we gave, but when we see the girls’ smiles, when we hear them share their dreams and goals for the future, when we hear them say they want to give back to their community – that is the gift that we receive! To know that Strong Women, Strong Girls is making a difference in girls’ lives is a priceless holiday gift.
Looking to the upcoming year, Strong Women, Strong Girls hopes to keep empowering and inspiring more women and girls around the United States. All this is the effort of a team. This is why we want to thank all the people involved: volunteers, mentors, mentees, collaborators, donors, interns, SWSG staff and all the people who, just like SWSG girls, want to make this world a better place. Thank you for an incredible year of empowerment!
Happy Holidays from Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh!