Strong Girl Jessica Garcia – Strong Awards Pittsburgh

The time has come! Strong Awards is in two days at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown Pittsburgh from 8am to 10am. This is your last chance to buy tickets and support this incredible organization!jessicapic
Jessica Garcia has proven to be an exemplary student and young girl who embodies the values she learns in Strong Women Strong Girls. She will be a 5th grade student at Pittsburgh Arsenal in the fall. Always respectful to her classmates and teachers, she is a positive role model for her peers. She has an especially caring spirit and demonstrates a strong will to help others.
Jessica lives with her mother, father, and two sisters, Lizet and Yadira. She would like to be a music teacher when she grows up. At SWSG, she enjoys the fun activities and learning about the various women leaders. Her favorite subjects are gym, reading, and math.
Jessica brings insightful comments and questions to class discussions. She works diligently at her assignments and will attempt any task, even when it is challenging. With Spanish as her first language, Jessica has an added level of difficulty than the other students but has shown significant growth academically. She definitely possesses the characteristics of a “strong girl.”