Last year, I participated in my first-ever group relay race: the New England Relay Race. This race, which ran (pun intended) for the first time ever last June, includes all six states of New England – Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. ┬áThe course is 220 miles in distance, divided into 36 legs, with a course as beautiful as New England is. I have to admit: it was the most fun consecutive 48 hours of my life!
While winter truly never came this year in Boston, as we approach the warmer weather, I find myself thinking about the strong women who ran that race with me. On our team were some powerful warrior women, including: a social work student who is also a phenomenal SWSG Site Monitor, who roped me into the race, a paralegal-turned-MBA student, a consultant, an editor, and a supply chain manager. Not only do these women run like the wind, each woman brought her own unique talents to the group. Whether it was planning logistics for the race, building morale, or creating new cheers and traditions as we ran through the country roads of New England.
Exercise not only releases endorphins, but when done in a group, enables us to feel more connected, supported, and empowered by our efforts. If you know a strong woman (or man) who exercises frequently and you want to get more into exercise, reach out! There is nothing more satisfying then giving a high-five to your teammate, friend, or exercise partner for breaking a sweat!