SWSG mentor-alum Brittany Whiteside was interviewed about her experience in SWSG for The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania‘s Spring 2012 Newsletter. The Mentoring Spotlight interview focuses on how Brittany’s work with SWSG impacted her both personally and professionally by allowing her the opportunity to establish bonds with her co-mentors and mentees, as well as helping her develop professional skills like organization and time management.
“I have grown as a person because of the relationships that I have formed with the 3rd to 5th grade girls that I have mentored, with my fellow SWSG mentors and with all of the other strong women that I have met through the organization.”
Brittany also discusses her continued relationship with SWSG (thank you for all of your outstanding volunteer work, Brittany!) and how her time with SWSG helped her decide to start her career in Pittsburgh. Read the full interview!
The MPSWPA has provided a valuable resource connecting young people with mentoring programs “that will enable young people to achieve their potential,” for over 16 years. Strong Women, Strong Girls is currently a “Featured Program” on the MPSWPA website.