Today marks the 40th Earth day and Strong Women, Strong Girls is going Green!
During the second half of program, SWSG girls designed and implemented a service project in their community. Many of the girls decided to address an environmental issue and participated in the Going Green Curriculum.  Each week, as they designed their projects, the girls read about a different strong woman or girl who worked to conserve the environment. This year some of our girls held a bake sale and were able to buy an acre of the rain forest.
But why should we Go Green and celebrate Earth day every day?

Well the girls who participated in Going Green would share with you that…

  • Every day, we create over 4 pounds of garbage each day.
  • Each year, billions of pounds of garbage goes into rivers and oceans, harming animals and making the water unsafe to drink.
  • Each day, thousands of acres of forest are eliminated.
  • Each day, between 20-500 species will disappear from the Earth forever.
  • Every day, individuals in the United States waste gallons of water. Yet in the developing world, girls walk over six hours each day to gain access to clean water.

How can you Go Green?
The girls in SWSG have shown, no matter what age,  anyone can go green. Just remember three words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Here are some helpful tips:

  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn off the sink while brushing your teeth
  • Carry around a water bottle instead of drinking out of plastic water bottles
  • If you use a plastic water bottle recycle it
  • Most things can be recycle, so check the container before throwing it in the trash.

You can be one of the One Billion Acts of Green this Earth Day.