This past week marked an exciting first for the Strong Blogging Corps. Last Thursday, the Strong Blogging Corps and SWSG employees attended the first Strong Blogging Corps Webinar. Throughout the year, members of the corps will learn about writing and blogging techniques from accomplished women in the field.
The series opened up with Windsor Hanger, President and Publisher of, an online magazine for college women. Windsor founded HerCampus with two college friends, Stephanie Kaplan and Annie Wang.
Windsor started off the webinar by introducing us to HerCampus and giving us a tour of the website.  Check out these videos from the webinar series.

One of the most surprising things to learn in the webinar is how volunteers write most of the HerCampus articles. Check out this clip where Windsor explains how Her Campus controls content on the website.

During the Q&A  session of the webinar Windsor Hanger shares the key to writing interesting articles. Windsor tells the corps to blog about things that they would like to read about. She also explains how you can find topics for your blogs anywhere… newspaper articles, TV shows, friends and even your dad!

Part 2:

A huge thank you to Windsor for sharing her wisdom with us! Check out to learn more.
Stay tuned for our next Strong Blogging Corps Webinar on March 9 featuring Tabby Biddle of the Huffington Post.