Will the strong girls of our program become future leaders in the worlds of technology, defense, and media? Of course they will! After participating in the Northeastern University SWSG Chapter’s “Women in Business” field trip on Saturday, December 8, no other prediction could be true!

Mentors and girls of the Warren Prescott Elementary School take a photo with Paws, the Northeastern University, mascot!!

Our future leaders hail from the SWSG partner sites of the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club, Curley K-8 School, Elihu W. Greenwood Elementary School, James W. Hennigan Elementary School, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, John P. Holland Elementary, Martin Luther King K-8 School, Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy: Lower Mills Campus, Vine Street Community Center, Warren Prescott Elementary, William W. Henderson, and Yawkey Boys & Girls Club.
Before the day began, each of the site groups had a moment for a photo op with the Northeastern University mascot, Paws! Additionally, Leadership Coaches from our Strong Leaders Program came out to support their college women coachees, giving them the opportunity to see the undergraduates in their SWSG element.

Girls learn how to spend and save their money wisely in the Finance Workshop.

The girls participated in four workshops facilitated by the Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club), a student group at Northeastern University. The first workshop required them to use their critical thinking skills to brainstorm the best way to market their products to attract consumers. In groups of 4, each were given a product for which they had to come up with a tag line and a logo for either their sweatshirt, hat, umbrella, or wristband. One group’s tag line for their hat product was: “Our Style Will Make You Smile!”

The second workshop taught the girls about finances and the importance of spending and saving money wisely. Split into groups, the girls had to decide how to spend their money based on their income and monthly expenses, which were pre-determined by the facilitators. In the end, they presented what their challenges were and what they learned from the activity, using their goal setting skills.

In the Business Ethics workshop, the girls engage in dialogue about ethical dilemmas in the work place.

Business Ethics was the third workshop, in which the girls  watched scenarios played by members of the E-Club. After watching the scenarios, they broke into small groups to talk about what went wrong and what could have been done differently. The girls were able to use their good communication skills to discuss each scenario and the proper means of communication to overcome ethical dilemmas in the work place.
In the fourth workshop, the girls learned from coaches Bridget Armstrong and Katie Falkowski, founder of Crossfit Hyannis, a strength and conditioning program located in Hyannis, MA. With determination and perseverance, the girls partnered up and participated in a Crossfit Kids exercise routine. Cheering each other on, each of the girls completed rounds of “blurpies and planks!”

The girls partner up in a CrossFit Kids routine of “blurpies and planks!”

After participating in each of the workshops and enjoying lunch, the girls watched performances by the Northeastern University Dance Company and the Nor’Easters, a co-ed a capella group. At the end of the performance, the girls swarmed the a capella group for autographs and questions.
It was an exciting day for the girls and Northeastern mentors!