Last week, on March 9th,  the Strong Blogging Corps hosted its second webinar in the Strong Blogging Webinar Series. We were so fortunate to have Tabby Biddle, a writer, editor, and reporter who specializes in amplifying the voices of women changemakers, as  last week’s webinar speaker. Tabby Biddle  raises awareness on women’s issues, human rights and organizations that empower women and girls, by writing for Huffington Post and through her blog The Goddess Diaries.
Tabby Biddle led an excellent webinar about : How to bring your experience from an event to your blog.  She provided countless tips that are useful for anyone who has an interest in writing.
Check out these videos from the webinar:
Tabby Biddle starts off  by sharing what a blogger should do before attending an event they would like to cover for their blog:

From interviewing to taking photos Tabby Biddle shares what to do during the event:

You attended the event.. Now what? Tabby Biddle shares what to do after attending an event and how to write a blog about it.

How do you create discussion around your blog? Tabby Biddle uses Strong Blogger Catherine Bailey’s blog post, as an example of how to do this.

Strong Blogger Catherine Bailey ask Tabby Biddle how to narrow down blog topics… Tabby suggests not to narrow down the topic but to split the topic into multiple blogs.

What is the editing process like for a Huffington Post writer? Check out this video to learn.

Strong Women, Strong Girls would like to thank Tabby Biddle for this amazing webinar!