The Power of Panama

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UMass Mentor & Chapter Director, Andreia, writes from Panama City, Panama where she is a participant in the Global Leadership Exchange Program (GLP). At GLP, Andreia is being equipped with resources and support needed to become a global leader.

Landing in Panama last Wednesday, I did not know what…Read More

Giving Back: The Inspiring & Strong Women of Accra, Ghana

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As a young woman growing up in the United States, I have been blessed with the ability to pursue the educational and professional endeavors I desire. Despite this freedom, there remains significant work to be done in the United States to truly empower women, and even more work to do…Read More

The story has just begun…with a Girl Rising

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The world’s future will largely be shaped by today’s girls and tomorrow’s women. Girl Rising is a documentary highlighting lives of nine girls and their struggle for education. 

I was lucky enough to meet Christa Calbos at the beginning of high school. We bonded about both being new to the…Read More