Research has shown that having five or more friends boosts your chances of happiness by fifty percent. Author Molly Jackson described the five MUST have friends in a recent article published in Harmony Magazine. I have added a little take of my own to these important categories in honor of my wonderful friends.
Your Blunt Friend – She will tell you, “Yes, your butt does look big in those pants.” I think of my friend Sally as direct and honest and well I guess, yes, sometimes, just plain blunt. Sally’s feedback is invaluable, she is always willing to “go there” and help create possibilities, solve problems, listen, celebrate and help get me back on track when needed. The benefits of a blunt friend abound.
Your Crazier Than You Friend – Her stories and scrapes are highly entertaining! I can always count on this with my friend Bridget. Bridget lives in NYC and her adventures leave me howling with tears of laughter. I occasionally live vicariously through Bridget’s life, but mostly can’t really imagine myself living a NYC lifestyle.
Your Male Friend – He can tell you why your date never called for a second and how to jump start your car. My male friend Sam provides a totally different perspective than my girlfriends and while female friendship are extremely powerful, having a male to offer a balanced perspective and keep you honest is immensely helpful as you navigate through life and the car advice sometimes comes in handy.
Your Work Friend – She keeps you laughing through the daily grind. Employee engagement increases exponentially through friendships at work. Sarah was my sounding board, my back up, my ally and my entertainment when we worked together. A job later, she continues in my life as one of my dearest friends and I’ll never forget the daily dose of joy she brought to me. If you are bored at work, reach out and make some friends! They will brighten your day and maybe even boost your productivity.
Your Best Friend – The one who is always there for you at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, she rides the roller coaster of life with you with all its ups, downs and turns. I wrote in an earlier blog about my BFF and the important role she plays in my life. Hold on to best friends, there is nothing quite like them.
Our work at SWSG enables us to regularly interact with the most amazing women. Reach out and connect with other mentors, our leadership coaches, our board members and any and all of our fabulous constituents, you’ll be happy that you did and healthier too!