As summer winds down and we enjoy our last sun-filled beach days, fresh summer berries and melting ice cream running between our fingers, thoughts of fall invade our consciousness. Inevitably and particularly at SWSG, fall triggers thoughts of going back to school and the myriad of rituals associated with this tradition. Fall rituals which include transitioning out of flip-flops, organizing school supplies, dusting off backpacks, digging out jeans and taking the ubiquitous shearling boots out of the closet.
As I start to think about the year’s transition to fall, I too will be returning to school at an age where school is typically a distance memory. As I approach the many transitions associated with this change and any change of such magnitude I am comforted by my own ritual of setting intentions. These intentions which guide me through potentially overwhelming situations and help me navigate to a desired result.
In times of change, big or small, I encourage you to embrace the power that setting intentions can hold. In fact, our ability to manifest our intentions is infinite with one caveat – we must become present and focused. Sometimes easier said than done, I realize. However, give it a try, think about what might be important to you this fall, what do you want to create, how do you want to be, where do you want to spend your time? You are in charge of this as much as the post-summer chaos may make you think or feel otherwise.
Start small, sit quietly and become aware of the now, what is true for you today, in the present, hold that in your mind and begin to visualize what you want to create for yourself this fall. Lock your attention on that vision with an unwavering sense of success, such that you refuse to allow any doubt or barriers to intervene in your achievement of this intention. Share your intention with a partner/friend and reinforce it by tying a simple string around your wrist as a reminder to not waver, not doubt.
What do you have to lose?  Give it a try, and believe that you can create your own destiny, one intention at a time and trust me, the string doesn’t hurt.
Enjoy what you create this fall and know that here at SWSG, we will be busy kicking off a new program year, living our intentions in service of our girls.