The world’s future will largely be shaped by today’s girls and tomorrow’s women. Girl Rising is a documentary highlighting lives of nine girls and their struggle for education. 
I was lucky enough to meet Christa Calbos at the beginning of high school. We bonded about both being new to the school, ballet, and eclectic music. Now Christa has recently graduated from Manhattanville College where she majored in International Studies with a focus on Global Justice and African Studies. After college finished and submitting what seemed to be a hundred of internship applications, she was contacted by the documentary Girl Rising, her top choice! After a phone interview in LA, and a face to face interview in NYC, Christa landed the internship working on the documentary.
During the internship, Christa used her personality and her passion about the documentary to introduce the epidemic of unequal education around the world.  After her internship was over, Christa moved into a full time position as a Campus Outreach Coordinator and began getting schools and organizations aware of the documentary.
Although Christa listened to amazing women, like Christiane Amanpour, give speeches on female empowerment, she stated that the most moving moment was meeting Suma, one of the nine girls from the film. Suma had been sold into “kamlari” (indentured servitude) at age six, but now was working as an activist to end this practice in her country so other women could have the chance to go to school. Christa stated that Suma was extremely humble and full of joy despite of the adversity from her past.
When I asked Christa what being “strong” was, she stated that “strength is the ability to overcome incredible obstacles just to be able to learn….strength is perseverance.” The continuous fight of these nine young women to change the world is inspiring. By empowering each other to continue this fight, and keep moving towards a better world, one day we will all learn as one.
Christa summed it up perfectly: “The Girl Rising film is not supposed to be the end of the story – it is supposed to inspire us all to do what we can within our communities and the world to work towards a future where sending a girl to school is the universal standard. The work and story has just begun!”

How are you using your unique talents & abilities to share the message of empowering women in your life, in your community, and in your world?

Chelsea is a Southern Belle & a Pittsburgh Yinzer who is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is so glad to be able to stay apart of Strong Women, Strong Girls even after college while she is working for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.