How often have you thought, I would love to volunteer but ……how? Well, may be I’m the only one but just in case this sounds familiar, all I can say is skip the “…….” and connect with an organization whose mission you connect with.  I did that nearly six years ago with Strong Women, Strong Girls and am continually amazed at how fulfilling the experience is.
One of the biggest hurdles for me was that I didn’t want to “fundraise” – and, that was fine.  My first assignment with Strong Women, Strong Girls was working on the Advisory Council, leveraging my professional skills.  For two years, what I provided most was my talent and my time.  Strong Women, Strong Girls got to know me and, equally important, I got to know them.   The experience has to be mutually beneficial – we have busy lives and social sector businesses (a.k.a. nonprofits) have real needs – there needs to be a fit.
You’ve likely heard the mantra – share with us your “time, talent and treasure” or maybe “work, wisdom and wealth”?   What it really comes down to is YOU, YOU and (more) YOU! Each of us has our own unique skill set and from my experience with Strong Women, Strong Girls – that’s what’s valued and needed most.
Now, back to fundraising, what I didn’t get 6+ years ago was that when you connect with the mission, when you believe in the cause, when you see the results – it just doesn’t feel like “fundraising”.   I do connect Strong Women, Strong Girls to my contacts, I do advocate on behalf of our mission and, yes, I do raise money on behalf of SWSG.   And, I have fun doing it!
I say, determine which part of the mantra fits you and go for it!  Hopefully, since you’re reading this you have an interest in Strong Women, Strong Girls – so call us and let us know what part or parts of the mantra you have to offer – trust me, it will change your life!