On Monday, I was handing out and completing Post Surveys with the girls at my site when we came to the question “What have you learned from Strong Women, Strong Girls?” I waited, giving them optimal time to complete the question. Later, as I collected the survey, I accidentally glimpsed down and saw an answer to this question; one girl wrote, “to be brave.” In retrospect, if I was asked the same question, what have I learned from Strong Women, Strong Girls, I think, I too, could respond with the same answer. I have learned to be brave, especially in terms of my course plan and future career path.
How so?  Let me back up and explain. I am a member of the Mentor 2 Mentor program offered to SWSG college mentors, giving students the opportunity to obtain advice from professional women who have virtually been in our shoes. In sense, this program truly completes the cycle of mentoring. When I entered the program in September, my primary concern was deciding upon a major or course plan for the remainder of my college career. Since I was a child, I have been extremely passionate about empowering others, particularly women. I have also had an intense interest in law, history and media. Though I was positive where my passions lead me, I was not sure what major to pursue or what career path to commit to.
Through meeting with my mentor Sue, I was encouraged to be brave, branch out and design my own liberal arts degree, though it was certainly the road less traveled (my academic advisor assured me only three other students had done this in 10 years). Regardless, Sue worked closely with me, encouraging me and assisting me in designing a major I am proud to call my own. Entitled Social Justice and Women’s Empowerment, my major contains a mix of sociology, political science and humanity courses that will prepare me for the field I have always desired to go into: feminist jurisprudence. This has been my most exciting, most rewarding college decision so far: a little encouragement to be brave convinced me to take the unique path and has made me truly inspired to empower others. A little encouragement; that may be all we need.