Next steps collegeCollege is hard.
Of course, that’s what you’ve been telling yourself, anyone around you at your most exhausting points of frustration, or every time you felt like dropping out when the workload became too heavy.
But you made it.
For many people, their college years are the best and most exciting time in their lives. College may have been where you met your life long friends or discovered your passions and dreams and began to feel like you could reach them for the first time. However what many people do not usually talk about is the crushing anxiety a post grad may feel. In college there may not be someone there to keep pushing you through the rough patches when you felt like giving up, you are the captain of your fate and sometimes being the captain is not always easy.
As you graduate college you will have this great feeling of accomplishment and excitement for yourself because of all the years you spent working toward this moment, but soon those feelings can turn into self loathing because you still have not been accepted into a position. Although it may feel like no amount of advice can pull you up out of the post grad slump, you should never feel discouraged.  
You have already accomplished a huge goal that many people either cannot attain or fail trying. You deserve to be proud of yourself for graduating, knowing how stressful college can be, and do not let the fear of failure or unhappiness keep you from continuing on your path.
Below are a list of links to help you in your job search or even to figuring out your next steps as a fresh new college grad.
Go forward with excitement, positivity, and open to new challenges, you never know what doors could lead you exactly to where you want to go.
“Take that crazy job, don’t stress about money- and Drake was right”
“Take advantage of your alumni Network”
“If you get one mentor, it can change everything for you”

Written By: 
Jazmyne Kenney, Program and Events Intern
Rising sophomore at Temple University
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