A day of two extremes: anticipation and dread. Couples are overwhelmed by pressure to live up to standards set by the media of love and romance. Singles are left feeling exposed and vulnerable, like a pair of underwear clipped to a line to dry.
As a confident single young woman, I offer an alternative concept by which to celebrate this day: one of self-love. While others sweat it out hoping for over-priced roses from drooling admirers, I claim this day as one for myself. A day to celebrate my individual flavor, to acknowledge myself for the fabulous, sassy person I am, and to honor those in my life who empower me every day.
Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day puts all too much pressure on us to live up to others’ standards of love and meaningful relationships.  The focus shifts to material expressions of affection rather than significant forms of communicating appreciation. We become swept up in creating the perfect moment of “love” and lose sight of the actual emotions involved.
In protest, I assert that Valentine’s Day should be salvaged as a day of love, but love for all inside and outside relationships. Love for oneself, love for one’s friends, and love for one’s family. In this way, we can transform Valentine’s Day into a celebration of all types of love and of all the people that give our lives meaning, including ourselves.
In doing so, we will assert our ability to give love with or without being involved in typical “romantic relationships.” We can take back this day as one for celebrating ourselves as phenomenal individuals and our friends and family for being present in our lives as pillars of strength and courage.