Millennial women are the new breed of women- we twenty-something women are lost without technology at our fingertips and we are constantly seek to break the boundaries which women from previous generations have set for us. We strive to try everything rather than to have everything.
Independence has become extremely sought-after for millennial women, but high ambition leads to high pressure, so the pressure to succeed is often overwhelming for us. As we look for guidance, we often find that our options are limited. With such a large portion of corporations being dominated by men, we millennial women often find it difficult to find methods of support and guidance.
Finding a way to support millennial women has been a challenge to many, but the Mentor2Mentor (M2M) program Strong Women, Strong Girls offers provides college mentors and professional women with the mutually beneficial peer relationships both seek. M2M engages SWSG’s college-aged participants in programming for career, leadership and professional development with professional women as mentors, and uses a one-on-one mentor relationship to provide individual attention and development.
The outcomes that Strong Women, Strong Girls measures for college women are increased mentoring skills, self-confidence, knowledge of and desire to participate in community service, leadership capabilities, professional skills, and feeling part of a female community through positive relationships with college women mentors, peers and professional women. Through this program, mentor pairs are also offered the opportunity to attend four professional development events in order to enhance the relationship.
Millennial women are undoubtedly leading today’s world in a new direction, one we never thought possible. We have come in with a new frame of mind and have the highest ambitions for ourselves. We strive to try everything rather than to have everything. While we women are working for the betterment of our society, it is vital that the female community support us in our aspirations, something that the Mentor2Mentor program works to do.