Strong supporter, Marla McDougall, shares with us why she invests in Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG). 
When I first learned of SWSG’s mission, I was intrigued by the multi-generational aspect of the program.  I can vividly remember my four years at Providence College and I am embarrassed to report that I watched three hours of soap operas every day.  I would set my classes early in the mornings, so I could be back in my room by 1:00 pm.  I can attest to three dorm rooms full of women all screaming at the same time when Luke shot Laura on General Hospital.  When I heard the testimonials of the many college-aged SWSG volunteers, I couldn’t help but think, “Why didn’t I seek out a volunteer effort while I was in college?”
To think that these college volunteers are finding the time to mentor the elementary school girls is remarkable.  They juggle classes, studying, sports, jobs, and their social activities along with a pretty heavy commitment of time and energy to SWSG – often giving up their Saturdays to organize field trips and activities for their girls as well. To the elementary school girls, they represent role models, friends, teachers, and coaches. Most importantly, these mentors come with the reliability that they will be back next week.
When I started at my first job and was barely making ends meet, I was not able to contribute to a nonprofit financially.  Now that I’ve been in the work force for thirty years, it gives me great pleasure to donate to charity.  By having the donation come out of my monthly paycheck, I know the money is going to good use all year long.  Monthly giving allows me to budget my money and allows SWSG to know what is coming in on a reliable basis. I am happy my monthly donation contributes to the SWSG cause and mission.
Giving monthly helps support the ongoing growth of SWSG and is easy to do. Join Marla and click here to donate today. 

Marla McDougall
Marla McDougall is a Senior Vice President at Natixis Global Asset Management. She has worked at Natixis for almost 15 years, having previously worked at Putnam and John Hancock. She is the proud mother of a son who is a junior at Boston College. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and rooting for the New England Patriots.