Pittsburgh Program Managers have been busy this Spring speaking at various events in the community by inspiring like-minded collaborators and young women with the SWSG mission. Read about some of their guest appearances below. 
“Real Women, Real Issues”
On February 4, 2013 Duquesne University’s Center for Student Involvement SPIRIT Women’s Leadership Certificate Program hosted the third annual “Real Women, Real Issues” panel.  The panel created an open forum to learn about the true, undiluted meaning of what it is like to be a woman in today’s society.  The panelists consisted of several nominated people that student organizations on campus have found to have an inspirational role in their organization, and candidates they believe that the Duquesne community could benefit from hearing about the panelist’s life insights. Our program manager, Tiara Whitfield, represented a strong voice on women’s leadership for SWSG.
• Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time (APOST) Breakfast
Jenny - Program Manager - Strong Women, Strong Girls On March 14, 2013 SWSG was invited to present at an APOST breakfast event with the intent to speak on how SWSG incorporates positive youth development for the 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders in our program.
PGH Program Manager, Jenny Schaeffer, enthusiastically discussed how SWSG has built our program around relationship, skills, & role modeling–three key components to positive youth development.  Jenny also shared Linda Albert’s Cooperative Discipline technique which takes a dual approach in addressing misbehavior: prevention & intervention.
She shared that SWSG promotes prevention with the “3 C’s” – capable, connect, & contribute. SWSG believes that when girls feel the “3 C’s”–that they are capable, that they can connect, and that they can contribute–they thrive. Next, she shared SWSG’s intervention behavior management style, which requires the mentors to identify the goal of the behavior (attention, power, revenge, avoidance of failure) & use the appropriate techniques to address that behavior.
• “Bombshells in Business Panel”
On April 23, 2013 Point Park University will host the Bombshells in Business Panel that aims to bring together seniors and recent graduate young women to discuss topics on empowerment, success and reaching goals to realize full potential. Young women headed out into the workplace need help to prepare for ever-changing and evolving careers, and could use more support, direction and additional skills to cope with the uncharted journey ahead. The panel will consist of women professionals who will share their experiences in business with the group of degree-seeking young women who are looking for direction and anticipating the next chapter after graduation. Tiara will be representing SWSG with her invaluable experience in youth development and the non-profit sector.