Jump into Spring is SWSG’s annual signature celebration, a gathering of the girls and mentors from all SWSG program sites across all cities –  Pittsburgh, Boston and Miami. Through music, dance, special guest performances, and jumping rope, Jump into Spring encourages a healthy, active lifestyle while joyously celebrating all that SWSG girls have accomplished throughout the program year.
The purpose of Jump into Spring is to provide girls that participate in SWSG with a fun, culminating event that will continue to recognize and encourage their skill development.
Do you LOVE dance parties with friends, traveling the world, or discovering new things about your city?
On April 13, Boston, Pittsburgh, and South Florida will Jump into Spring with their own unique themes and activities!
SOUTH FLORIDA presents “Healthy Lifestyles”
hypervocal.comWhat could be more enjoyable than a day of enthusiastic fitness and fun with your SWSG community?  This year at South Florida’s Jump into Spring, girls and mentors will spend the day getting active and grooving out with Zumba and dancing with Iron Flower Fitness, yoga with Yoga Gangsters, and jumping rope with friends! In addition, girls will be the main artists as Bass Museum of Art works to create a Jump into Spring collage that will demonstrate the vibrancy of our SWSG community.
PITTSBURGH presents “Strong Women Make a Strong World”
2012SWSGJump_BF-14What if you could travel the whole world in just one afternoon? At Pittsburgh’s Jump into Spring event, you can! Girls and mentors will be able to visit different regions of the world simply by travelling around the gym. At each station, mentors and girls will learn, try, and practice components of a unique sport, dance, game, or exercise unique to the region. Not to mention, girls and mentors can try treats from around the world of each region.  Forgot your passport? No problem!  Take a step inside SWSG’s passport photo booth and take pictures with your friends. Luckily, all you’ll need to pack is a smile and sense of adventure!
BOSTON presents “All Around Boston: Learning from Women and Girls All Around Boston”
bostinno.comWish the MBTA in Boston had a Pink Line? At Boston’s Jump into Spring, Each girl will receive a “Carly Card,” SWSG’s take on the MBTA’s Charlie Card. With this card, they are able to “ride” on the SWSG Pink Line. At each stop, they will get to learn about a girls group, their unique talents and culture. They get to travel all over Boston without leaving the gym! Many unique talents, abilities, and historical visuals will be present for all to learn about the history of each chapter and the neighborhoods in which mentors serve.
Get ready for the adventure of the year with Strong Women, Strong Girls!