In February 2014, Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) Boston recorded a PSA that’s currently airing on Magic 106.7. Click on the link below to check out this behind-the-scenes peak into SWSG girl Grace’s day at the studio with Magic 106.7 host and SWSG Boston Regional Board member Candy O’Terry, as well as audio producer Justin Weiner, Advisory Council members Kjerstan Fonzi and Steve Sosemwenkhae, Program Manager Mikki Pugh, Grace’s mother Gabrielle, and her stepdad Steve.
Grace participated in an SWSG program near Somerville, Massachusetts, the community just north of Boston where she grew up. Like a true Bostonian, she can rock a Boston accent! As a girl interested in becoming an actress or an obstetrician, recording a PSA for SWSG was an exciting opportunity for Grace to gain first-hand exposure to the world of radio while promoting a cause near and dear to her heart. Special thanks to Candy for welcoming the SWSG family into the studio and helping to spread the word about SWSG!
To view the behind-the-scenes video of Grace recording with Candy, click on the screenshot below or copy/paste this URL into your browser:

grace and candy in studio.png (2)

Magic 106.7 feature no 2Candy, Grace, Mikki
Above: Grace in the studio alongside Candy O’Terry (black jacket), Program Manager Mikki Pugh (beige jacket), and some of the Magic 106.7 recording crew.