Elaine is a fourth-grader in Strong Women, Strong Girls at the VietAid site in Dorchester in Greater Boston. Read VietAid Site Facilitator and SWSG blogger Jessica Ranucci’s introduction to this blog series featuring the Strong Girls of SWSG.
My favorite part about SWSG would be the peaks and valleys.  It is my favorite because you get to tell what your favorite part of the day and your unfavorite part of the day is.
In SWSG, I have learned self defense.  I will use this in the future by if a bad guy comes and tries to steal stuff, you can defend them with self defense, so that they can go away.  But, I be sure I don’t hurt myself if I defend on a bad guy.
To be a strong woman, you need to be yourself and stay calm but try not to be other people.  The people might think you are copying them and they don’t want you to do that.
When I grow up, I would not be other people and be myself, and stay calm and do what I do.  My goals are to work hard to try to be a doctor and study more about that.