The third event in the Mentor2Mentor professional development series for SWSG college women was the “Finding Your Passionate Purpose” Career Panel. Five panelists brought diverse backgrounds and career paths to share with the undergraduate women in attendance.
Author Betty Breuhaus spoke about her path from creating the Marblehead Kite Making Company to becoming a published author.
Brooke Botello, Vice President of McDermott Ventures, described arriving in Boston with no contacts and no job in the middle of a blizzard. After that chilly introduction, Brooke navigated her way to now being one of Boston’s most sought after public affairs leaders in the city.
Debra A. Woog, Executive Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, shared the value of finding your personal brilliance and leveraging that great talent. We loved that it sounded like the SWSG unique talents and abilities lessons in action! Debra also wrote about her experiences on the panel in her blog!
Lee Pina, offered great advice on continually reinventing yourself. After years as a project manager in the bio-tech industry, Lee took the plunge and pursued her dream of becoming an artist. Check out her inspiring work here!
Subhadra England, founder of ThinkFlex, talked about innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on her own experiences as a working parent in need of flexibility, Subhadra launched ThinkFlex. Now, Subhadra is helping businesses and parents work smarter!
Here are some clips from the Event!
Brooke Botello “confidence in your hustle”
Brooke imparts advice for finding a job and creating opportunities: have confidence in your hustle and keep yourself moving!

Debra Woog on self-advocacy as a woman
During February’s SWSG Mentor2Mentor panel, Debra shares a personal story highlighting the importance of self-advocacy as a woman in the workplace.

Brooke Botello on two very different mentors…
Brooke relays helpful advice she received from two of her own mentors in life: there are no parameters on who you want to be; always ask the question because the worst that can happen is that you hear no; and the most valuable commodity is time so be efficient, direct, and know what you want to accomplish when you are meeting with someone.

Debra Woog on pivotal moments
Debra talks about a pivotal moment early in her career, illustrating the importance of learning resilience and turning an unexpected challenge into something positive.

Betty Breuhaus and Lee Pina
Betty and Lee share some of the qualities that they have found necessary to be successful: be passionate, have fun, maintain a good sense of humor, and above all: be yourself!

Brooke Botello on self-advocacy
Brooke describes the process of asking for a raise, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy as a learned skill in the workplace.

Debra Woog’s time-saving tip!
Debra shares a helpful hint for organizing your time: time-batching! By grouping similar tasks together , you save yourself the cost of switching from one activity to another.

Lee Pina and Subhadra England
Lee underscores the significance of striking an early balance between your personal life and career while Subhadra cautions against taking on too many tasks, providing a helpful reminder that sometimes it is okay to say no and to take time for yourself.

Debra Woog on work-life balance
Debra describes how she keeps the various aspects of her busy life in balance, acknowledging that there will often be necessary tradeoffs between work and family. Most important of all? Keep yourself healthy!

In the Mentor2Mentor program, professional women from all disciplines are matched with college women who serve as mentors for girls in grades 3-5. We are currently accepting applications for 2011-2012. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a mentor, please email Program Manager Rachel Spekman at