I remember dropping out of Brownies in fifth grade. I swapped selling Girl Scout Cookies and exploring the outdoors with my troop to playing soccer with my friends. Poof! Overnight, my girl-only time was gone just at a time when I needed it most! This year at Strong Women, Strong Girls, we’ve recognized that our expertise in serving girls is with girls in grades 3-5 during the school year and collaboration among girl-serving non-profit organizations is essential to ensuring that girls are provided with the opportunity to thrive year-round. Therefore, SWSG is leading the development of a collaboration project with the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston and the Girl Scouts Council of Eastern Massachusetts. The goal is that girls participating in SWSG will have the opportunity to participate in summer programming options with the Girl Scouts and will transition seamlessly from the Strong Women, Strong Girls elementary school program into the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston middle school mentoring program.  In Boston, we have piloted this program this year at five sites and I’ve already had the chance to observe SWSG girls boldly raise their hands during Girl Scout Programming at the South Boston Boys & Girls Club and share “I am a strong woman all year long!” Now imagine these words amplified for girls across the country at all ages… this is exactly what SWSG is turning into reality.