SWSG has been busy with events and celebrations as the school year comes to an end.   It was great to see so many Leadership Coaches, Coachees and their elementary school girl Mentees, and to witness the support we receive from of our extended community.
We enjoyed sharing our SWSG experience with volunteers from several organizations and hope their employers will sponsor them as Leadership Coaches in the future.
A familiar question emerged during Jump Into Spring, “How can I keep my Coachee engaged when her free time is so limited?  In addition to school she is active in SWSG, other clubs, sports, work, etc.?”
Time management is especially challenging this time of year.  It is also a coaching opportunity in disguise: balancing personal and educational or professional demands, and providing the opportunity to learn from shared experiences.
Schedule a wrap-up meeting with your Coachee to talk about her summer plans.  Try to determine if she would like to continue your coaching relationship.
When you meet again in the fall or are matched with a new Coachee, get involved immediately and use some of the techniques below to build rapport:

  • From the start, commit to a regular schedule (weekly or bi-weekly at first) and catch-up briefly by phone when you can’t find the time to get-together in person
  • Invite your coachee to attend a professional function as your guest or to shadow you at work
  • Encourage opportunities to participate in your mentees’ SWSG Chapter programs and fund raisers, or other campus activities
  • Suggest face-to-face meetings conveniently on campus when possible, e.g., coffee at Starbuck’s
  • Attend SWSG activities together throughout the year
  • Listen, and above all be accountable and deliver what you promise

A great deal of commitment is required to establish a successful relationship and we cannot expect a good match every time.   The key to success is in building a Strong foundation.

“When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity.”  -Mary Kay Ash